Why and How History Needs Curiosity

Do you have an insatiable desire for the curious?  Do you long to go beyond the boundaries of the normal and sometimes boring conventional studies of history and excavate bizarre stories of art, music, literature, culture…just anything you can think of that make this world of ours so diverse?  Then, my friends, you are certainly not alone.  Quite the contrary.  There are many out there who are like you and myself.   Those who strive to educate or, in my case, to collect the curious and make others aware of how fascinating even trivial things really can be.  From the strange and beautiful cultures of the East to the brilliant customs of the West I wish to include everyone on my searches for the macabre, the unique, the imaginative, and…well, everything that is simply curious.

Why be so curious?  Why not?  One has to be curious at least one moment in a lifetime.  When you were a child and you tried to peek around a corner to try and see Santa Claus, when you paid extra close attention to your professor about an Egyptian mummies tomb, as you gazed at a clock and wondered if moving the hands back might reverse time…these are curious moments and they matter a great deal.  Without curiosity we would be flat, one dimensional.  It is our nature to be curious so saying something is foolish or frivolous is in reaction foolish.

This world in jammed full of curious moments, people, places, and things and I love them all.  Even the things I don’t like I desire to understand.  The world has always been remarkable and is capable of gloriously curious times and I am a great collector of the curious.

2 thoughts on “Why and How History Needs Curiosity

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