Curious History : 11 More Bizarre Deaths

003_ingres_theredlistAs the curiously second installment carries on the bizarre information from the first I would like to say that death continues to be ever so curious.  Even though these might seem inhumanly weird I can guarantee you that all are deliciously unique in their curious nature.  What makes them unique is the unique person behind every story and for the morbid part of it..they were made famous by their curious death.


  • Born 256 – Died 336
  • Manner of Death: to be perfectly frank, he shat out his entrails behind a colonnade in Constantinople.

I am literally having a hard time describing this one.  Perhaps I should have done a simpler one first!  Arius was walking to a forum when he was overcome by a sudden “relaxation” of his bowels.  When he went to relieve himself…I assume he just couldn’t stop.  Intestines, spleen and liver evacuated his body killing him almost instantly.  It was believed it was divine intervention which caused this gruesome event or even poison, either way it was quite despicable!

bizarre-deaths11Sigurd the Mighty

  • Born 872 – Died 892
  • Manner of Death: died from infection from the decapitated head of his enemy’s teeth

When I say he died from an infection from the teeth of a decapitated enemy I mean the head of the enemy was dangling from his saddle and the teeth cut into Sigurd’s leg and he died from the infection it caused.  Sigurd had won the fight and would have lived for many years after had he not wanted to use the head for decoration.  The irony: his enemy killed him right back!

Li Po - Li Tai Po - Li Bai - DescontextoLi Po

  • Born 701 –  Died 762
  • Manner of Death: drowned while trying to embrace a reflection of the moon

There is something to be said about passionate poets, then there is something to be said about passionate alcoholic poets.  Li Po was so mesmerized by the reflection the moon was casting in the water next to his ship that he reached right over to give it a hug.  Now the Chinese have actually discovered his death might not have been this dramatic but even so, let’s keep him a born romantic, shall we.

drac_110Vlad III the Impaler

  • Born 1431 – Died 1476?
  • Manner of Death: Assassinated and never found

Some of you may argue that this is not exactly a bizarre death, however if you are so inclined to believe those curious rumors about vampires than this is something for you.   Vlad was killed on an unknown date in a not quite sure place and buried in a maybe not here, but there location (I am giving a very scientific account, I must say).  His head was taken as a trophy and his body mysteriously disappeared.  All these shaky statements have given rise to the curious folklore that has followed the Transylvania prince.  Curious how a prince so famous and cruel would have such a…uneventful death…curiously so, of course.

jackJack Daniels

  • Born September 5, 1850 – Died October 10, 1911
  • Manner of Death: Infection from a stubbed toe

You heard right!  But he didn’t stub his toe walking or saving a woman from a runaway horse. No indeed.  He had gotten angry at the safe in his office and kicked it with the hope of opening the solid steel box using sheer will and anger.  He died from infection later but the irony is he could have saved his toe, and his life, by just sticking it is a shot of his very own whiskey!

isadora-duncanIsadora Duncan

  • Born May 27, 1877 – Died September 14, 1927
  • Manner of Death: accidentally broke her neck with her own scarf

One of the more grisly manners to died, but the very fastest, is the breaking of the neck.  Isadora was a famous dancer and her trademark were her long, luscious scarves she loved to wear out and about town.  I suppose she forgot to tuck the scarf into the car one day for as she was driving, the scarf wrapped around the wheel spoke of the car, pulled her right out of it and broke her neck.

temperamentosaludEmpedocles of Acragas

  • Born 490 BC – Died 430 BC
  • Manner of Death: tried to prove his immortality by diving into a volcano

Sometimes, curious deaths are made curious more by the people than the act.  In this case, the act is downright insanity…and vain I might add. As a philosopher Empedocles believed that he would be reincarnated as a god once his body was consumed…but another theory suggests he did so to convince people to turn him into an immortal god.  His bronze sandal was spit out (after having seen many different things lave does to everything, I find this hard to fathom) thus revealing to everyone that lava really can kill you.  If there is anything on this earth that can really kill’s lava.

docc81zsa-gyocc88rgy-kicc81nhalacc81la-necc81met-fametszet-1-tmGyorgy Dozsa

  • Born 1470 – Died July 20, 1514
  • Manner of Death: cooked alive on smoldering throne and eaten alive

Though this Hungarian may not be well known to all, in his homeland he is well remembered as a martyr for a revolt against the vile nobility who used peasants like chess pieces during war.  Think of him as a curious Hungarian Robin Hood.  Well, after he was captured he was made to sit on a curiously designed iron throne heated to cook his flesh.  Then a smoldering crown and scepter to add the touch of his wanting to be king.  After his brother was butchered in front of him, 9 of his comrades were forced to pick off pieces of his flesh and swallow.  Those that refused were killed on the spot.

Sir Arthur AstonSir Arthur Aston

  • Born 1590 – Died 1649
  • Manner of Death: beaten with his own wooden leg

There really is no other curious way to kill a man but with his own appendage…or the wooden appendage used to replace a lost one.  Sir Aston was a proud soldier of Charles the first and played a role in the English Civil War.  After his troops surrendered in Ireland, as soon as they laid down their arms in parley, the Parliamentarians attacked.  They bashed Sir Aston’s skull in using his own wooden leg which he used after loosing his leg in a riding accident.  They thought he was hording gold coins in the hollow leg and what a curious way to try to get them out!

tumblr_mu1s9oyEwo1srn8r7o1_1280Charles II of Navarre

  • Born October 10, 1332 – Died January1, 1387
  • Manner of Death: burned alive wrapped as a brandy soaked mummy

History is jam packed with curious illnesses and remedies!  Blood letting, mercury, and brandy mummification!  Charles II, also known as Charles the Bad, suffered towards the end of his life with…unidentifiable boils and rashes that covered him.  Upon a doctors request, he was wrapped up in Brady soaked linens, like a mummy, to help with the lesions.  The maid attending the sewing of the bandages burnt the thread instead of cutting them…which resulting in him catching into flames and burning alive in his own palace.

bobbyBobby Leach

  • Born 1858 – Died April 26, 1926
  • Manner of Death: complications from an orange peel

Mr. Leach holds a esteemed place in our curious list because he was the first man to ever survive going over Niagara Falls.  Having been a performer for Barnum and Bailey’s he set out to conquer the falls.  Afterwards, in New Zealand, he slipped on an orange peel…and died from complications due to the injury.  An orange peel defeated a man who survived Niagara Falls…how curiously ironic.


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