Curious History

Even though we live in a wonderfully curious world with so many incredible things happening everyday, all the time, it is the events of the past that can really provoke our deepest curiosity.  From death and births, to feuds and unconventional marriages history sparks our deepest curiosities with questions and facts so unbelievable that they have kept the world guessing for centuries!

With the Curious History articles I find myself with a plethora of extraordinary knowledge that I feel I must share with everyone!  The world is very old and, let’s be honest with ourselves…very odd.  I am always amazed when researching these pieces at how I can still be surprised in this day and age by the events that made us who we are now.  I hope that your curiosity drives you all forward and that you will be constantly hungry for more.  For without our curiosity and without it’s mysteries, well…what a very boring world we might have!

Below is my curious collection of historical articles for you to enjoy!


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