Curious Curses

We as the human species have such fantastic minds capable of anything that…well, we set our minds to!  Along with our intelligence and brilliance we also have, within all of us, the ability to produce a curious whimsy.  Things happen in this world all the time, in places that some of us have never heard of, seen, or discovered yet.  Yet it is always the world of mystery where a humans’ true curiosity lies.  Of the billion things that happen daily within our notice there are still so many that we have yet to understand.  Lack of understanding leads many to fear and fear makes us respond and value everyday things in unique and curious ways.

In this section I hope to share with you, dear readers, the things that seem to have been coincidental and things that have never been explained.  I hope not to explain them either!  Where would my curious nature turn then?  I merely wish to share the more abnormal situations to you.  And before you pass judgement, there are many people who believe in other worldly curses and power so always try to see from there point of view.  Who knows, they may find that you texting a friend on a phone to be the work of sorcery!


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